Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nightly Megathread #49

Twilit Flight by =90Sigma

It seems Bob got the day shift and I got the night shift today, heh.

I am one of the many that speculate Luna is going to become a mentor for Twilight in all things Alicorn and magic. We know something's coming to a head based on the premiere, it's just a matter of what. Nightly Megathread after the break!


These types of Pinkie utilities have been popping up everywhere! More pony to accomodate my daily life! Source.


I'd say this is a pretty good PMV. Lotta effort into the lip sync. Simple PMVs can be the best sometimes. 


iOS game thoughts

The Sarah Wall


Probably my favorite part of the episode as well. Even topped G3 Pinkie.
Director and master Jason Thiessen needs this image with a Rainbow Dash. Someone get it done!


Who is your favorite form of Pinkie? Pinkie Spy? Pinkameana? G3? Sound off your flugal horns in the comments below. Your voice needs to be heard on this important topic!

Also, DD staff are doing an audio review of Episode three starting... whenever ever Shuupydoo gets back! Stay tuned for that.

...and one last thing. A rant from me IS COMING SOON. I promise I'm not on Valve time.