Saturday, November 17, 2012

Episode 3 recap/screenshot discussion

In this post, I have compiled most/all of the screen shots that could be note worthy. Pointing out a few things I have noticed. Go for after the break for the Pink!

Rarity being fabulous. I wonder why she picked today to be all dressed up?

Giraffe Twi is best Twi!

All that bird wanted was a little screen time.

Taffy Pinkie Pie

No cloud is safe from RD! Not even the fat ones.

Dem eyes and mouth...

The Quills and Sofa business is doing well

Caption this one yourselves

Damn, Pinkie clones have big jaws.

RD: Ermagad! I love Daring Doo!

Explain how sunbathing in a fur coat is effective.

Teaparty like a baws!

That bear is so fancy, he even has his pinkie extended. 

                 "The wall are closing in!" Best 4th wall joke ever!

Just Pinkie breaking physics by slowing down before hitting the water.

Congrats RD, you have finally noticed Pinkies ability to screw physics.


Seriously, those clones have big jaws!!

Barn raising like a baws!

Those clones are more destructive than the papasprites

Once again, big jaws.                                                               

Looks like when ponyville has a problem, they always go to Twilight.  

Secret compartments? I wonder what else is hiding in the library?

I think that may be Derpy in the bottom right of the crowd.

Fancy Pants in Ponyville?! So this is why Rarity is all dressed up.

Cotton Pie Joe is not pleased. He would of had that barn up in 10 minutes flat!

I guess woodland critters get their own house.

Tank is confused on how Twi is doing that.



ZAP! That looks like it hurts.

Yep, still hurts.

Really hurts...

So much pain!!!

Lyra, eat your heart out.

You know dun goofed when Pinkie Pie is freaking out.

I guess unicorn horns are prone to overheating.

Make sure to change your horn after every 1000 shots fired.

And there you have it. Make sure to post your own pics in the comment section below.