Saturday, November 17, 2012

Super Smash Ponies (Mini) Update

Well, it looks like the music portion of the Super Smash Ponies game is going to be a mixture of Nintendo, pony-related, and original content. But, it looks like they still need some help. Click here to read the write-up, or go pass the break to find out what you can do to help...

What's a good game without any music? (Pong.)

Anyways, like SSBB we will be having a variety of music that you will be able to choose to listen to. 1/3 of it will be Nintendo-related music, 1/3 of it will be premade pony fan music, and the last 1/3 will be original compositions solely for Super Smash Ponies. 

This is done so that way you'll be able to feel an intense combination of nostalgia and awesomeness. Some pieces you'll know of, some you'll be surprised at when you hear it for the first time.

Not to mention how music can easily change the mood of a stage. You can relax in Ponyville with a lax tune, or enjoy killing each other in the heat of battle with an upbeat theme!

If we will use your music, we will be sure to contact you before release and credit you on release!

Yet right now, our team is short on musicians.  If you would like to suggest a premade piece (or make a new one just for this game), please send us a note, or notify
Though sending a note will get you a quicker reply.

Back to building music loops!