Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Super Smash Ponies UPDATE!!

Well, this took me by surprise... It looks like SSP is getting a revamp, AKA, getting a complete overhaul! They are starting again from 0% to improve our game’s quality.  A new build is currently underway, one with higher quality graphics to match the show, and better coding to make the game run smoother. Go here for the complete update, or past the break for some copy pasta.

These new features include:

1) Up to Four players multiplayer. Eeyup. You'll be able to duke it out just like you normally would in Smash Brothers. But you may be wondering how it's possible to do on a keyboard, if it is even possible.

It's not. So that's why we have....

2) Connect up to 4 USB controllers! That's right. Didn't see that coming, huh? You'll be able to connect 4 USB controllers to your computer, if you have 4 USB ports. Play the game as if it were Smash Brothers! Because it kinda is. With ponies.

(Psst. If you have a gamecube controller, I suggest picking one of these up if you haven't already: [link])

3) Snapshots. Pause the game, and take a GUIless snapshot of that awkward/hilarious/pwnage moment. You'll remember it forever in high quality PNG format.

4) Widescreen/Fullscreen compatibility. Posted already, don't care. Personally, I'm a sucker for widescreen ratios. If you have a TV with a VGA input (or in other terms a TV that can act as a second monitor), then try out the fullscreen mode. It's just like playing Smash Bros. on your TV when it's fullscreen.

However, with all these new features, I'm afraid that there is some bad news, and we are deeply sorry for the inconvenience but...

1) This game will no longer be released for HTML5. The quality upgrade reduces performance on HTML5 browsers. No, it destroys performance actually.

2) Some features will be nerfed/removed for Mac release. Due to the fact that a lot of coding and files are Windows based, we cannot replicate some of these features unless if we can obtain files that can work for Mac. Not to mention neither of the developers have any regular access to a Mac to test the game. Sorry Big Mac.