Monday, February 25, 2013

PMVs For Your Case Of Mondays

What is it about ponies and giant robotic death machines that makes them go together so well? Your recommended dosage of PMVs below. Take some time to check them out. "Rise and Fall" in particular is quite well done.

TheRainbowDash20 Stay In Shadow Just Surrender
CobaltSky7 I Put A Spell On You Bette Midler
MylittleponyGoldG Yes LMFAO
TrollBerries For The Love Of The Game Pillar
Pinkamenadianepie0 Last Friday Night Katy Perry
Pinkamenadianepie0 Super Bass* Nicki Minaj
*Warning: Explicit Lyrics
XxThePegasisterxX Love The Way You Lie** Rihanna
**Warning: Gore
RatchetLover1998 Rise and Fall Adventure Club
Rarity Belle Into The Fire Dokken
Barkley1693 So Small Carrie Underwood