Monday, February 25, 2013

The Music Hour (Monday Edition)

But don't knock me for tryin to bury
seven zeros, over in Rio Dijanery
Ain't nobody's hero, but I wanna be heard
on your Hot 9-7 everyday, that's my word

Welcome to another "The Music Room"... One half remixes... The other half original... This post is split like a banana... and I ain't trolling, mind you... Now, you go give your ears the helm this time...

1. Retrotype I've got to find a way (Chillout Remix) Chill
2. General Mumble Raise This Barn RMX Dance
3. Legendary ElectroColt Stage Ambient Metal
4. RainbowRapper Into Canterlot Rap
5. SleepingCobrox Queen Chrysalis Takeover Electronic (Glitch-Trance)
6. AssertiveFluttershy Boooring (Blu3Mixed Remix) Dubstep