Monday, January 14, 2013

Comics: Why So Little Sombra/ .:Still bigger villain than Sombra:./ My Little Doctor Whooves Comic/ Thief's Tales - Life of the Party

Comic header for a Comic post. So clever...
Actually I just didn't have an idea for a header or time to search one and this was within reach.

It's time for Sombra again. We have two comics featuring him this time.
And more. After the break.

Why So Little Sombra by *Mickeymonster

Pinkie asks too many questions...

.:Still bigger villain than Sombra:. by ~gamermac

Sombra meets his nemesis... A foe we know too well.

My Little Doctor Whooves Comic 1 by =Citron--Vert

---> Muffin

Just a short series about how Derpy and the Doctor met.

Thief's Tales - Life of the Party by *Gray--Day

A grumpy pony? At a party? Yes. And you know why?
I do. But I won't tell you. Go read it yourself.
I think some of us can identify with it.