Thursday, October 18, 2012

Miniature Discussion post #2

So that first miniature discussion post was indeed miniature, restricted in it's discussion a bit by some good last-minute points Sweetie Bot made. Hopefully this one will be slightly larger, though still miniature. Anyways FPLOON wanted me to discuss the relation of change to the brony community. So I shall, after the page break.

At the start of what we consider the brony community, way back in October 2010 on /co/, the community was certainly a different place than what it is today, and besides the obvious stuff, it isn't exactly easy to say why. One thing is for certain: the community was much smaller. It was almost small enough that you could, with only an internet browser, keep track of everything going on in the fandom. There was less competition and more of a chance to be known, and this is why I think the early brony community, despite it's small size, was almost as creative and productive back then as it is now: because there was more of an incentive for self-expression. However we must be cautious making such claims, and realize that our vision of the past may be clouded, for as the fandom changes, so do we. We affect change upon it, it affects change upon us. So how do you think the brony community has changed, and how certain are you of the change you've observed? But also, what are you uncertain about? What ideas sound like they make sense, but don't quite look like they're the case based on your experience?

As we look to the future of the community, it seems even more uncertain than the past. There are so many paths that the community could take; some hoped for and some feared. It could grow, it could shrink, it could last the rest of all our lives. Perhaps folks who were influential in the brony community will one day exert their influence on society as a whole; graduating from college and rising to the top of their various fields of work, spreading the lessons they've learned from the community as they go. Perhaps they will be replaced by more, young bronies who will continue that cycle. But on the flip side the community might also be struck by tragedy like the early Otaku culture (please no). So which future do you think is most likely for the brony community? Is it the same as the future you hope for the most? What could you do to actively make them the same?

I look forward to everyone's responses.