Monday, November 26, 2012

Random Post (hypotheticals for the heck of it)

Example of a random image from MyLittleFaceWhen

Ok, we haven't had anything really random recently, so why not?  Go to MyLittleFaceWhen, find a random reaction pic, and post it in the comments. Just because he can, Discord has teleported you to Equestria: that reaction pic is the first thing you see in Equestria, and with the character(s) depicted in it you must go on a journey to defeat Discord. And of course, as with any post like this, the object to your left is the thing with which you must battle Discord. How screwed are you?

And remember folks, to post an image in your comment you must use <img src=""> , and put the URL of the image itself, and not the page the image is on, into the quotation marks.