Monday, November 26, 2012

Nightly Megathread #58

Hello again everypony! It's me, Twilight Sparkle. Surprised to see me again so soon? I saw that all of you enjoyed my post from a few nights ago and I enjoyed making it, so here I am again. Oh and Robotbob is here too.
Robotbob: Yo.
Twilight: Now that the introductions are out of the way, let's start this megathread!
I've read a few books about blogging over the past few days, so hopefully I have improved. You could use one of them if you want.

Robotbob: I bet the author is one handsome looking devil.

Twilight: Hey Bob, I have something to show you on Memebase. My Little Brony to be exact.
Robotbob: Yes my dear Twil- WHA!?

M-My meme!? FRONT PAGE!? My life is complete...
...I'll be back in a bit... Hold the fort, Twi.
Twilight: Er... Okay... What could you possibly do in the middle of the night?
Robotbob: Milk. We ran out of milk. I need to buy some...
Twilight: Couldn't that wait until morning?
Robotbob: They won't take long to dispose of- I mean walk to the store.
Twilight: Okay... Don't take too long.
[Exit Robotbob]

 He has been gone a for while now... How about we watch a video to pass the time?


KING SOMBRA'S FABULOUS EYE by ~itachiuchiha963

Robotbob: I'm *pant* back...
Twilight: Oh good! But why are you sweating? And where is the milk?
Robotbob: I uh... decided to take a midnight jog and drank the all the milk because I was thirsty afterwards.
Twilight: Sure you did. I'll interrogate you later. You will tell me what happened one way or the other. Anyway, would you please start the discussion, Bob?
Robotbob: *gulp* Y-yes Twi.

Oh noes! Discord is back and he has discorded you because he thought it would be funny. How does your discorded self act? 

Talk to others as your discorded self.