Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bronydoc Aids Unicon

It looks like John De Lancie, Michael Brockhoff, and all the others involved in the Brony Documentary have stepped up to help in the wake of LPU, selling copies of the documentary autographed by Tara Strong and Lauren Faust to help cover LPU's expenses. Check out the update on their Kickstarter page for more info, or check after the break for Copypasta. We thank them for their involvement in that relief effort and wish them the best of luck.

As you undoubtedly have heard, events at the Las Pegasus convention left people who can least afford it out-of-pocket.
In the spirt of friendship, we at the Bronies documentary want to give back to the community who have so graciously supported our project.
We are offering 50 autographed copies of the documentary for $100 each. They can be obtained at We will cover the cost of shipping and Paypal fees so that 100% of the proceeds, $5,000 total, can be distributed, with guidance from the Las Pegasus Relief League, to those needing help.
This money does not go towards the convention or voice actors. It goes directly to the community members who need it the most.
For those of you waiting for discs, as you can see from the picture posted, the covers are printed. They have been signed by Lauren, Tara and John and sent back to the replicator to be packaged with the discs and shrink wrapped. We anticipate shipping next week on March 7th.
Thank you for sharing the friendship and allowing us to do the same.
Mike Brockhoff, John de Lancie & The Bronies Team
For more information on the Las Pegasus Relief League visit
To purchase the autographed disc visit