Sunday, December 16, 2012

Music: Mirage / Parasprite Rag / Accepted / Fallen Apprentice / The Magic Duel

Swatteam: Come little commenters, into the music post! Trust me, it makes facing your fears much easier when you've got music to go with it...

We got an Arabic instrumental esq music and the Parasprite Polka Rag from The8BitBrony...

FPLOON: We also have a song that the artist said was "completely rejected from EqD", an instrumental with feels to be had, and an awesome collab from Thomas H. and ZANDER...

Swatteam: Why are you still reading this? The musics are waiting for you to listen to them!

1.) Legends Box - Mirage
2.) Parasprite Rag [2 Part Ragtime Battle!]
3.) Neighsayer - Accepted
4.) Zykrath - Fallen Apprentice
5.) Thomas H. and ZANDER - The Magic Duel

Swatteam: And FPLOON...


Swatteam: *pauses* Thanks... Now, get off my music post... And take your Gorillaz with you... *smiles and winks*

FPLOON: *vanishes*