Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nightly Megathread #77

Hello everyone. Sorry I wasn't here to help over the weekend. I've had a busy weekend and couldn't help that much. Tomorrow things will be back to normal. Anyways, I'v got something you may or may not know. Wild Fire may have been apart of Wonderbolt Academy episode at one point. Go past the break to look at the evidence.

Before we get to the evidence have a little bit of mixed media.

I don't really get thi-ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOFIRE!


Now to the Wild Fire theory.

The only thing we know about this pony is that she has a sunflower as a cutie mark and she is cadet #2, or the "Andrea Libman ‏Pony" .  But another thing can be note is that sh bares a strong resemblance to Wild Fire.

On the board, you can see she is represented as a flaming wheel cutie mark, but her cutie mark is a sunflower.

So was this pony at one point supposed to be Wild Fire. Is this pony just a recolor of Wild Fire? You be the judge!