Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Nightly Megathread #66

Wait Trixie, don't- Oh, no.  Is anyone out there?  Am I going to have to go through a Nightly with the assumption that all of you are dead?  Well, I've done stranger things.  But if I don't have a living audience, that means I can post whatever I want, right?  ...Time to let off a little steam.  You should all consider yourselves lucky that my posting fantasies are considerably tame.  So click the break, if ghosts can do that.  If not, just float there or whatever.  I have no idea what ghosts do.

Trixie Performs I Guess
Well, since I've got a sot open, what with my entertainment being mysteriously offed and all, Trixie asked if I could let her perform.  No one's left to heckle her, so I see no harm in it.  There is no one left, right?

Heck.  Um... Maybe...
How Was I supposed to know some hecklers survived?  Now Trixie's stormed off, and I don't have any entertainment.  How do I even know if everyone's dead or not?  I have no idea what I'm...  Sombra?  Yeah, we're not terribly picky with guest appearances at this point.  Go ahead.  I'm sure it would please someone.  So, uh... Sombra, ladies and gentlemen.

Someone.  Anyone.
Alright, who asked Sombra about his love life?  That was my only chance at filling this spot...  Jeez, talking to nobody is really starting to get to me.  I need a friend.  Just someone.  Heck, they don't have to be real.  I also only have a few bucks, so maybe something like...
A pony pillow would be ideal, but they're not being made yet.  Someone made a kickstarter for a project about making inexpensive pony pillows, but that's only if he gets enough donations...

Almost There...
Alright, I think I'm approaching this all wrong.  I'm on a freakin' pony blog, and I'm having trouble finding ways to cheer myself up.  Maybe a simple video could work wonders for me.

That's It
Alright, guys.  I'm done with talking to myself, it's time to see if anyone's actually out there.  Trixie's not powerful enough to kill all of you...right?  So what exactly did she do?  Are you guys fine?  What happened?  Please answer in the comments.  Just so long as you say something.