Thursday, January 24, 2013

Plushies and Customs #19

...At least I still have my plushies and Twi, right? *drinks* Ugh... Have some of them plushies after the break.

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Almost done... So far it looks amazing.

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Oh god. Twi and pretzels in one place. I'm in heaven.

15 (source)
Pfft. The alicorn look suits Twi more.

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*tree joke*

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I feel sorry for the Rarity pincushion....

58 (source)
See Spike? It could happen.

62 (source)
A napkin holder. For napkins.

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Clap on! *clap clap*

71 (source)
Clap off! *clap clap*

80 (source)
*waves back*

82 (source)
Who said that making ponies into cupcakes has to be violent?