Thursday, January 24, 2013

Artsy #145

All the dreams you had before
Get lost in fate
When you see there's nothing more

Have your daily overdose of art after the break.

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 Okay, if you like.

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First thought: Deus Ex

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Would it be a facepalm if we high fived her?

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Discord went insane...

17 (source)
Extra large. You should know why.

19 (source)
And this is only the WiP...

27 (source)
*Pew* *Pew*

39 (source)
Make it happen.

41 (source)
Corner Rarity watches you as well. I feel an urge to combine them...

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*considers to say something about #51 and #52*

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Twilight Freemane is awesome.

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As she gazed into the void, her eyes full of sorrow,...

113 (source)
...she realized it was over.

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