Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music/PMV: Ponycle / A Magic Duel / Winter Overture / Fall Of Equestria / Chaos.exe

>Wakes up
>It's 5 AM! Time to post ponies!
>schedules for later in the morning so the joke isn't as funny
Have some music and things below the break!
  1. [PMV/PonyParody] Ponycle: Toa Mahri
  2. The L-Train - A Magic Duel
  3. Winter Overture (Orchestral Music)
  4. [Original Music] Fall of Equestria - Preview
  5. ♫♪Chaos.exe♪♫
>Wishes people would have an organized, generalized naming system for youtube vids that provided helpful information like some sort of dichotomy.

Oh hey! Frickermints is making music! Cool.