Thursday, January 24, 2013

Music: Rainbow Factory (Daydream Anatomy RMX)/ Tom tries to make MLP remix/ Escape from the Shadow/ Come Home Soon (Aftermath Remix)/ Cuteness Overload

Show your skill- You want war? Hold your steel
You want more? Unload techs, you all could feel
Raw deal, you all peel, run for the hills
Run for your shield, battlefield's blastin' at will

Yo, dawg! I got some sick beats up in this post! Check it!

We start it off with a Rainbow Factory remix from Daydream Anatomy, a MLP remix attempt by Tom *reads again* from Olivebates, some wubby electo from PinkieLore, and finish it off with remix of this song from Aftermath and some dubstep from Chrystaline... (The last two songs are represented by MonsterBronyMedia, yo!)

1. Wooden Toaster - Rainbow Factory (Daydream Anatomy RMX)
2. Tom tries to make MLP remix - Olivebates
3. PinkieLore: Escape from the Shadow
4. Joaftheloaf- Come Home Soon (Aftermath Remix)
5. Chrystaline-Cuteness Overload