Thursday, January 24, 2013

Comics: MLP: here i am!/ About Spike and Rarity/ Muffins and Cookies/ Crystal Fashions/ Who Else but Derpy

 Comics! Lyra seems amused.
A fine collection of new ones after the break.

MLP: here i am! by *keterok

Where's Fluttershy...
Prepare for cuteness overload.
Some sentient beings can't take it.
About Spike and Rarity by ~doubleWbrothers

This is so random... Spike's expression demonstrates how your brain will feel after this. And you will love it.
Muffins and Cookies by ~Zztfox

Pixel Pinkie doesn't know what to do... 
Help incoming.
Crystal Fashions by *wildtiel

AJ is staring into your soul. Ponies are rather good at this.
Who Else but Derpy by *CountDoofus

Twilight's wat-face is so great. Expected expression when Derpy's involved. Remember Fluttershy's face yesterday?