Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mashup: Korn Vs MLP:FIM - Pinkie Pie (Mashup By Dean.B)/ Pinkie's Pet Shop Pets/ Echoplex Vs Raise This Barn (Music Video)/ When Can We Raise This Barn/ Balefire/Stance [Re-Mix]

First of all I got to keep it live until the curtain call
definitely got to show my ethic when there's work involved 
The second that I shower skeptics with my dialogue
is when the third rock will ignite like a fire log

We got some Pinkie Pie/Korn mashup from Dean Birchum, a MLP/LPS mashup from s2jdfgs, a Nine Inch Nails/Applejack mashup from Dean Birchum, Raise This Barn with Wreck-it-Ralph from eveningshimmer, and a Balloon Party Re-Mix from CHANG31ING...

1. Freak On A Leash (Go Insane) Vs Smile Song - Korn Vs MLP:FIM - Pinkie Pie (Mashup By Dean.B) (2013)
2. MLP: FiM vs. Littlest Pet Shop - Pinkie's Pet Shop Pets
3. Nine Inch Nails Vs AppleJack - Echoplex Vs Raise This Barn (Music Video)
4. When Can We Raise This Barn
5. Balefire/Stance [Re-Mix]