Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fanfic: "Pinkie Pie's Pineapple Pursuit" by Seether00


[Comedy] [Random]

Pinkie Pie wants a pineapple.
No ordinary fruit will do, she needs a Sweet Apple Acres pineapple.
Pinkie won't let little things like Applejack's logic "A pineapple ain't an apple!"
or Twilight's loss of sanity "She's right, go to the store!" stand in her way.
What follows is a tale of romance, science, and pinecones.
Also, Twilight summons a demonic entity but that happens every month so isn't important. 

Pre-reader's judgement:
Pinkie logic, pinecone x apple shipping, exploding flower pots and a certain princess actually doing something for once. 
The protagonists felt slightly out of character at times, but that's negotiable to keep the comedic track.
I was genuinely amused.
-- Sleepy