Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mega Music Post: TL;DR

Mega music post for all y'all music lovers out there. We got some dBPony,
Aaand Hyper's gone. Sleepy here again. He commissioned me to finish this, though. Fortunately, I'm cheap. So he could afford my services.
Well, as he said, we got some dBPony (featuring Prince Whateverer) with an Original Vocal Rock song. Continuing with an Original Acoustic Vocal song by Danielpony (featuring MEMJO123 and BlueNoseReindeer), some Progressive House by Nicolas Dominique, another remix of Hooves Up High (I won't link it anymore, it's ridiculous), this time around by SMOR3S, then an FO:E-inspired Instrumental piece by IvoryKeysADSR and finish with a SimGretina-inspired Electronic song by RisenFromAshes.
Oh, and of course SoGreatandPowerful's remix of All Levels at Once's "Kupo".

Listen past the break, gentlemen.