Thursday, March 28, 2013


Do what that pony does.

Celestia and Luna by ~ezoisum

Textless and more focused on art, but it's still a paneled comic.
Also, Celestia is mean.
Oatmeal... Are you crazy? by ~cezzlo

Eclipse: "Ha, never thought of it like that..."

Me neither. This is actually quite ingenious.
Ghost Duster by ~Zztfox

Whoa, that's... Just... I think I'll get nightmares. You're just too spooky, ghost who clearly isn't Rainbow Dash.
Harmful reading by ~Agrol

I always loved how Pegasi fold their wings when sitting...
One special pie. by *Coltsteelstallion

A birthday comic for Ashleigh Ball and Maddy Peters.
Also, Scootaloo took some baking lessons from Sweetie Belle.
And made a pie.
If only it was at least pie flavored...
Sombra's Special Eyes by ~Alumx

Those aren't even the eyes it tells about... Actually, I have no idea what this comic means. But I liked that face.
Flying lessons 2 by ~CIRILIKO

There was a first part? Can't even remember that...
Pinkie still has the best solutions for every kind of problem.