Saturday, March 2, 2013

No-Frills News #2

Above is a recently made animation crossing over FiM with Starcraft. A fair amount of wit and skill was used in its production.

Also have a reminder to participate in this competition. Bronies are just barely in the lead. Let's keep it that way and make sure that Beleibers don't get the upper hand, lol.

Also you may have already seen this on EqD, but an animation (mostly sfw so far) was made by Tiarawhy recently. lol... funny top comments on Youtube.

And finally, as you may have heard an article in the New York Times randomly posted what seems to be official artwork for the Equestria Girls thing. The image can be found to the left side of the article or here. EqD got this one recently too, but it was submitted to us, so we might as well post it.