Saturday, March 2, 2013


Dizzy Dash by: 24BitPony Fullscreen
Animated Pony Commission: Short Hilt by: MAJORA64 Fullscreen
King Sombra 3D/CG Turntable by: Harikon Fullscreen
Cerulean Cry 2 by: Zebalas Fullscreen
Luna and Starcraft Dark Templar Unit Portrait by: Yudhaikeledai Fullscreen
Pony Insomnia Cam/rig test by: Ocarinaplaya Fullscreen
CC Head Bob Flash Animation by: MetalBluePhoenix Fullscreen
Everypony Do The Flop by: Obisam Fullscreen
Pony Shake by: DivineArms Fullscreen
Twilights artic adventure (animated and sound) by: aginpro Fullscreen

... Yeah, animations are becoming much more frequent in the fandom. (and as per request, no audio plays immediately) |well view them after the break|

Warning WTF