Thursday, November 29, 2012

Music: SWINGA DA PLOT / A Little Blues To Princess Molestia / Equestrian Space - Daggin HeartClaw / Fluttershy's Forest

by =290Pika

We got quite the musical lineup here tonight, filtered down from a list of worthy competitors here is the music you've been waiting for. |listen to some sweet tunes after the break|

First in our lineup is an artist that I personally cant stop listening to his music; out with another song that I am sure Swat would enjoy, and all of you of course.

I was skeptical about the name at first, but when listening to it I knew I had to but it in (and the fact that it has no vocals means no mention of Molestia in any lyrics)

Just listen to this; it shall become obvious why this is here. While you are at listen to the other Equestrian Space vids.

Because you can't go wrong with a good chiptune...