Thursday, November 29, 2012

Community Show and Tell

^Full of win right there

Another silly thread for all to participate in! And potentially useful too! What is your favorite FiM-related fan-made content so far? What do you like about it? Who made it/when was it made/provide some general info and links. That's the gist of it then. And if someone else gets your favorite first, just go for your second or third favorite. Still just as good.

I think I'll start this one off again... I can't actually choose a favorite, but one of my favorites is this classic here by Skaijo on Deviantart. Made many moons ago, this video was one of the earliest fanimations (bad pun?) to grace the fandom, and it has since become a classic, and the origin of a surprising number of memes including the moon cannon and bananas. Not trollestia though, that was around before this vid.

Another of my favorites would have to be Carrot Cake Story Book. This brief comic was made very early on in the FiM community by Elosande on DeviantArt, who has the best interpretation of Derpy Hooves and Carrot Top IMO. From this old comic came the whimsical "Derpy emptied your fridge" meme.

Anyways those are just two awesome things out of many. Can't wait to see what people add in there!