Thursday, November 29, 2012

Megathread: Come At Me, Bro!

In celebration of FPLOON's birthday, besides randomly making random and/or irrelevant haiku comments and/or replies on any post that happens today, FPLOON wanted commenters to roast him just like what happened to comedian Bob Saget, rapper Flavor Flav, and the Great and Powerful Trixie that one time...

So, in the comments, hope you're ready to roast this wizard with an endless supply of popcorn, because you've all been discorded (for some of you, this has happened to you before...) and roasting this pegasi-loving mod is the only way to be un-discorded!

And to think that FPLOON has more nicknames than there are impostors and the only way to show your appreciation to him... is to not show it, apparently...
Obscure inside joke AWAY~
(FPLOONinal Note: FPLOON will not be harmed during the commenting of this Megathread...)