Wednesday, April 3, 2013

(Kind of) important question & Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #215

Please read the following wall.
Okay, you heard the news. However, I also heard some people would actually still come here just to see art and listen to music, despite the decreasing views on those posts.
I'm kinda indecisive now.
I certainly won't post urgent things anymore. Neither will there be news (though you noticed that already).
But here's an offer...
I could keep art posts (and try to be inb4 EqD, huehuehue). Also, I could make a music post every two days and, if given, make a compilation of special stuff once a week. Like new top-tier animations and things like that.
You wouldn't see any hot news here, but could come for some entertaining media.
That might be an amount of time that I could spend. But only if enough of you want me to...

Make a comment if you want me to maintain the above.

Another option would be to drop music and give you a link to a folder in my dA favorites where you could look for new art. More convenient for me, but less for you.
I will make my final decision based on the amount of supporting feedback, so please... Take a minute of your time.
The decision will be made on Monday. Until then, I won't make any new posts.

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