Thursday, January 17, 2013

Random Media: Equestria Inquirer 66/ Equestrian Youtube Capfail - Volume 5/ Colgate and the Cake (Animation)/ Applejack

Pixelspike presents: Today's little compilation of random media.

We have two randomly found videos, one of which containing a collection of various suboptimal suggestions the YouTube auto-caption feature offers us. The other one... has Applejack.
Then there's a short looped animation of Colgate and cake. Unusual...
Oh, and we have the latest issue of the EqI for you to read! Yes. READ.

Stuff after the break.

Maybe you know the Equestria Inquirer from their videos on YouTube.

But what if I told you...
There's a hilarious version on deviantArt for you to read ?
Because there is.
The current issue's header is up there. Doesn't the headline sound promising?
Go read it! It's worth your precious time. Promised...

And after you read the EqI, here are the videos:

Oh, and I told you there was an animation. Here it is:

Remember to "brushie brushie", Colgate...