Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Cure For Boredom

Even Discord thinks I've lost it.

Well I couldn't think of a proper discussion for tonight but I did think up something just as fun! Tonight we are going to play Cards Against Humanity! ...How can you do that online? Well I've devised a rudimentary system. Read on after the break and join us for some fun!

Here's the PDF for Cards Against Humanity. (sorry if it takes a while to load on some slower browsers or computers; it's relatively large) It has instructions for anyone who has never played Apples To Apples or Cards Against Humanity, a bunch of white cards, and a bunch of black cards.

We'll be playing with a few special rules to help make this game work on a blog:
  1. Each top level comment in the post will post an image of a black card chosen on a whim (not necessarily randomly)
  2. All responses to that comment will be images of white cards, responses to those responses don't need to be.
  3. (optional hard-mode) People can pick white cards for their responses using the random-number generator below such that if you get one, two, three or four, you can choose from:

And so on. This will be a substitute for hands of cards, but you don't have to pay much heed to it. Think of it as a challenge.

Also to post images of these cards in comments, take a screencap of the card you want to use and upload it to an image hosting site (imgur appears to be down: good luck. I recommend Imageshack as a backup) (imgur may be working for some: if it is, use it. You don't need an account like elsewhere and it's all-around better) then when you have the URL of the image you can do this:

<img src="">

To get this: