Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Music: Snowfall / Oh My / Amplifyre / Raise this Barn Rock! / BBBFF

Pie family, pls stahp... you're killing me.
You wanna know how much  that first song sounds like a retro racer game? It sounds very close...
Second one doesn't have George Takei but it's "definitely pumpin'!"
Vinyl Scratch! Rapping! Remixes! I can't describe it!
Guitar riffin' Raise This Barn rock!
Twitch remix of BBBFF!

1.) Antik9797 - Snowfall
2.) Oh My - the Phony Brony
3.) Ibeabronyrapper & Omnipony feat Nowacking - Amplifyre (Legion Remix)
4.) Raise this Barn Rock!
5.) Twitch vs. Twilight Sparkle - BBBFF