Saturday, November 3, 2012

Random Convention Stuff

Everypony don your neuralizer glasses! The November 3rd preview never happened.

Today, There was supposed to be an early screening of the first episode of Season 3, episode one in NYC. Unfortunately New York City was hit pretty bad by that hurricane, and the early screening has been postponed (see recent comments). Still, they're going to see the premiere early at some point in the next week... so jelly.

As a substitute, since I probably won't be going to NYC any time soon, I went to a local meetup at my college, planned and put together by the 'WPI Bronies' facebook group, with some help from the Science Fiction Society. Some episodes were watched chronologically, and a few more were asked for.  There was some card trading, some displays of collections much bigger than mine (again, so jelly) Lots of lols were had, and I even announced this blog to them between two of the episodes. I took a few pictures, which turned out pretty good despite how dark it was. You can find them after the break.

 Dat collection. Sometimes I wish I hadn't spent all my surplus funds on a 3-D printer... but I suppose once I have it I could just print any of these, except the cards maybe.

 WPI students in their natural habitat. Watching ponies while multitasking: checking Facebook or doing homework on their computers in the seclusion of a darkened lecture hall. Also there's a random water bottle.

The WPI brony group does a decent job. I hope it becomes more closely tied to the Science Fiction society eventually, or maybe even the boston bronies/western mass bronies. But I think for the most part they're content with the status quo. We'll see what the future holds, I guess.

So... Meetups are cool. Like bowties. Commenters, do you ever plan on going to future meetups/conventions? What are your opinions of them?