Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's her book and she's gonna EAT it! No, wait...

Whatever... Have some comics. Also thanks to twilicorn for sending the last one in.

kisses.. by *ChicaSonic

Okay, it's kinda cute...
Hoofwear Wrap-Up by *CountDoofus

Can we call her after whatever she's wearing? Derpy Boots doesn't sound bad...
WELL I WON'T LET YOU by ~ArtFlicker

She's eating that muffin with unparalleled hate.
Derp Happens by ~PonySalute

4th wall comic flavored with derp.
Part 1 linked, part 2 in the description.
My Little Scootaloo Part 1 by ~ThatGuyOnTheInterweb

Hmm... Some sort of Scootaloo story I guess.
Part 1 just suggests that she has an appointment of some kind. We'll see.