Friday, October 19, 2012

Comic Post #14: That's What She Said / Kindergarten days 11 / Prepare the Juice Boxes... THE HOODIES ARE COMING! / Cake Walk

Some kind of armor for armor purposes.
Shadowstalker Rainbow Dash by ~DARKNSS81

I'm back from a bit of a posting hiatus. School pops you in the face when you least expect it sometimes. Well that an PS All-Stars on mah PRAYSTATION VETA. Have some comicolares (my head canon for spanish "comics").

1. That's What She Said by *ChaoticBrony

Blogger is a silly pony so I had to do it like this... -.-

2. Kindergarten days 11 by ~CIRILIKO

Can I get a count of how many vases I've destroyed in Zelda? I want to know how many times Rarity has cried out in agony.
3. Prepare the Juice Boxes... THE HOODIES ARE COMING! by ~SketchyJackie

Single panel comic incoming. Does that make it a comic? Oh well, it's words and pictures, NOW GO ENJOY IT.
4. Cake Walk by *Toxic-Mario

I've been doing it wrong. No wonder I haven't liked carrot cakes up until this very moment.