Friday, October 19, 2012

Miniature Discussion post #3

Earlier today Sweetie Bot had the awkward experience of trying to explain the abbreviation EqM to a bunch of Youtube commenters. Currently EqM Stands for Equestria Megathreads. Megathreads were arbitrarily defined but typically long threads on EqD In which most of the mods here participated. This site was made originally so that EqD didn't have to be cluttered with megathreads. Since the term is an inside joke, the humor doesn't really transfer to wa broader audience well. And besides, having the Eq- in the abbreviation might give the subtle impression that the site is an EqD knockoff.

It was suggested in discussion amongst some of the mods that perhaps EqM is not the best name for this site, so we brainstormed a whole bunch of other potential names with various changes after the page break:

  • Equestria Mail
  • Equestria Must-Sees/Musts
  • Equestria Madness
  • Equestria Machine/Mechanism
  • Equestria Matrix
  • Equestria Malbury Vs Madison
  • Equestria Mango 
  • Equestria MMMMBananas (ok... I'll admit we started fooling around a bit)
  • Equestria Crowdsourced
  • The Sweetie Bot Brochure
  • The Las Pegasus Matrix (yeah, we have a matrix fan -_-)
  • HerdMind
  • Cloudsdale Watchtower [mods like this one]
  • Luna Watchtower
  • The Moon
  • Changeling Collective
  • Brony Bulletin [mods like this one]
  • Discord's Domain [mods like this one]
Right... So... Most of those were pretty bad, lol. What do you think? Do you like any name particularly much? Do you have any suggestions for the blog name? You might just end up naming the blog!