Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nightly Megathread #174

*looks up from 3DS* What do you want? I'm playing Dark Moon. A Nightly? Fine. Here you go.

It's not new, but I haven't posted it here yet.

All you gotta do is take a pound of fabric 
Add it to the mix 
Then you take a little bit of time to plan it 
A hint of love; just a pinch 

Making this plush is a cinch to do 
Now take your needle and thread 
Stuff it real nice and look at it twice 
Did it turn out like in your head? 

Plushies , so small and fluffy 
Plushies, all lovey-dovey 
Plushies, plushies, plushies!


What, you want a discussion too? I've got ghosts that need catching. Fine... Goats. Iron Will had goats that helped him out. Talk about them. Do they have their own culture? If so what is it like?

Happy now? *goes back to playing*