Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

I'm a gonna take off Lamborghini top off
Own line air head same color space off
Futuristic Lela Ralph Lauren, pilo
G4 takin' off every city we go

Do you want to know what I find funny... Tomorrow, I'll wake up looking at Fluttershy bunny...

(Orchestral music and more awaits your listening ears this hour...)

1. Legendary MLP:RPG - New Dawn Orchestral
2. UndreamedPanic Rainbow Dash - Feat. Rina Chan Complextro
3. Legendary MLP:RPG - Long Distance Orchestral (Alternative)
4. WolfOfSadness Totally Lost Cause Dubstep
5. Legendary MLP:RPG - Peaceful Moments Ambient
6. WoodenToaster Beyond Her Garden (Mush 80s Chillout mix) Chillout
7. Legendary Legends Box - Master & Apprentice Orchestral (Choir)
8. ArtAttack I've Got To Find A Way (AA Remix) Trap
9. TheDashDub Luna's Night Orchestral
10. Galaxyart Double Rainboom Credits Music (Cover) Song Cover*
*Avoiding spoilers in song genre