Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nightly Megathread #14

Welcome to Trig's nightly megathreads. You're in for a show (literally). Pre-screening events and more after the break.

Daring Do and the Temple of Muffin! by ViFFeX

Why wasn't it built like this?!?!
Daring Do Salute Vector by BC-Programming
I don't care about giving credit to the Hollywood Generator >:D


Before you all rush to see the movie, there is cake to be eaten...

That's HOT.
Pinklestia Enjoys Cake by MurasakiRein
Let's hope this one isn't made out of diamonds.
RARITY CAKE! :D by Dark-Angel-Fox13


Some trailers before your feature presentation begins!


I hope you all enjoyed tonight's movie. And why we're on the subject of Hollywood - who would you like to guest star in MLP:FiM? Sound off in the comments below.

Oh yeah, and next week: The Twilight Saga 

...and one last thing. I have this video continually playing ever since the season three preview was witnessed by me. It's currently at 1,500 plays. I'll keep you guys posted on what it gets to by the end of our waiting.