Saturday, October 13, 2012

Comic Post #9: Daring Do and the Ancient Curse / Kindergarten days 9 / The Miracle Powder

And Fluttershy didn't join for obvious reasons.
The Ultimate Staring Contest by theflashguy

Anyone in the mood for best pony? She gets her own comic down below. And since this is a comic post, take a gander at an update from the talented Andy Price on the official MLP comic. Some fan, but still totally awesome comics below!

1. Daring Do and the Ancient Curse by Starbat

This is pretty much my ideal comic scenario. Not to mention it's drawn beautifully and has a "wipe sweat away from forehead  ending.
2. Kindergarten days 9 by CIRILIKO

This guy sure does punch these out. As always, check his description for all of the entries in his series.
3. The Miracle Powder by *CzudakX

Celestia never struck me as a business mare to be perfectly honest. I guess living a 1000 years lends itself to learning all the tricks of the trade.