Saturday, October 13, 2012

Comic Post #10 Damn It, Pinkie Pie / The C Word / Facecamo / Where the Sun Never Sets / Pie vs Pie 1

I want to be a Hero [Shaded] by tamalesyatole

Time for Halloween. I think I'll be dressing up as Twilight, for she is most bad ass pony. Except maybe Daring Do. And Rainbow Dash. Comics, have them.

1. Damn It, Pinkie Pie... by ~SketchyJackie

She shall continue to defy physics for all eternity. FOREVER ROLL IN YOUR GRAVE NEWTON!
2. The C Word by *Toxic-Mario

Toxic Mario always makes the most adorable comics. Pinkie Spie strikes again, though. I could see this happening in canon to be honest.
3. Facecamo by ~NeroScottKennedy

Literally no idea.
 4. Where the Sun Never Sets - Title page by *Dazed-and-Wandering

Here's the title page for this comic series. Check the artist's description for links to part one and two.
5. Pie vs Pie 1 by ~cradet

Rather frightening... but hilarious! Not sure if Swat will like this one or not.