Friday, March 1, 2013

The Music Hour (Reference Edition)

Top security so thieves can't nab
No way to obtain, no way to have
You can't grab on to what's not possible
Why risk your life going through these obstacles

Welcome to another "The Music Hour", where we have no idea if the title is accurate the more music we add to this post... But, it shouldn't matter to you, because the music is so fresh, your ears can't help but appreciate the melody...

1. Paw Smile Smile Smile Remix Piano Cover
2. WolfOfSadness Hurricane Heart Drum & Bass
3. crazyoatmeal3 In Royalty You Lay Rock*
*Pink Floyd-like
4. 174UDSI Luna Makes A Party Electronic
5. Evening Star I've Got to Find a Way (Evening Star DnB Remix) Drum & Bass
6. FazPony Mirror Pool Acoustic
7. Doofcake Hope (ft. Rosemary) Piano
8. Trixie Lulamoon & Lyra Heartstrings First Steps WIP Dubstep