Friday, March 1, 2013


Your shipment of comics has arrived. Derpy added herself as a little bonus.

Equestration by ~ExudesAffluence

I was told that it's funny, so there.
the crystal chronicles by *CSImadmax

You probably saw it already. But it's friggin' hilarious and worth it.
... I wonder what their natural frequency is...
Spike's Valentine by ~JoyfulInsanity

It's never too late for d'aww...
Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella by ~MykeGreywolf

Pinkie's singing in the rain. Also, she seems to have some Twilight merch... //shipping
Barn Storming by *Toxic-Mario

Filly Applejack is not amused. How many barns did they raise till now...
Appilogue by Max Gilardi

Aww, some appreciation for the misunderstood hero.
It's even almost cute.