Friday, March 1, 2013

Nightly Megathread #152

This Nightly, just like Twilight, was neither late nor early. It arrived exactly when it meant to. Now go beyond the break or face the wrath of Istari.

Hyperdudeman Presents:
Derpy Day

It's Derpy Day
So celebrate now the Brony
Our favorite wall-eyed mare
Flying arounf without a care

Because it's Derpy Daaaayyy
Celebrate now the Brony way
It's Derpy day
Now need to be shy, come out and play
With us (with us, with us)

Video Time:


Discussion Time:

In "It's About Time" Twilight says she's from next Tuesday. Tuesday is named for Tyr, Norse god of glory. If Equestria is truly a seperate world, why would ponies have a day of the week named after a Norse god? Was it something the writers just decided to ignore/ didn't consider? Did humans used to/still exist? Is Equestria lke Shannara, only the humans didn't survive this time? Do I need to stop over-analyzing a cartoon? Comment below with your opinion.