Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Music Hour (#DDMusicHour)

Incomplete when you're away
You turn my nights into days
You show me the light, uh huh
Gotta have you right away

"...Twitter is awesome" -Mike

But, enough quoting .. There is music to be heard this hour... From the alternatives to the remixes, I'm sure there is no way that they could ever be clumped together in a general list of best music... Oh wait...

1. Le Soldat Pony Cutie Alternative
2. Firestreak Roma Republic 2013 Orchestral
3. Ricky Inferno Speed of Light [WIP] Orchestral Drum & Bass
4. Legendary Where it Begins Electro Ambient
5. DJ Mattnew Odyssey(Original Mix) Progressive House
6. 3ternal (and Viricide Filly) Vinyl`s Wubstastic Contraption VIP* EDM
*presented by MonsterBronyMedia
7. Evdog No One Joined The War Alternative Rock
8. Sim Gretina I've Got To Find A Way (Sim Gretina Remix) House
9. Luceds A Ponyville Dawn Trance
10. M Pallante They Don't Call It A Con For Nothing Rock
11. Da Mane Man Far Out Dude** Rap
**Warning: All "drug" referencing...
12. sci cutie mark cafe conversations Hip-Hop***
13. Delta Brony Battle of the Ponymon (Hyper Eurobeat Mix) Eurobeat