Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No-frills News #3

Lots to cover this morning! Above is a (somewhat surrealist? I don't know my arts) picture sent in by a fellow brony. Below the break, you will find some news, art, literature, and other zaniness.

Ouch... DHN wrote up a scathing editorial of LPU. Clever how they started it at least. Anyways they do some good in-depth stuff there. Could be worth a read.

It also appears LPU really has made some of the fan favorites second-guess convention-going... Tara Strong will not be going to BAP. If you really want to look into it, more info here, here, and here.

On a much lighter note, there are some humorous new videos floating around Youtube:

Yet more 3D prints not made by me... I've got to finish up my printer soon. (source)

Also someone by the name of "Andrew T.K." has submitted their fanfic to us after having it denied by an EqD pre-reader for supposedly silly reasons (it was a DiscoTwi ship? I suppose that's rather apt for this site). Check it out on its Fimfiction page here. I haven't had time to preread beyond a quick skim, so if some brave soul would like to scout out ahead and tell us how it is, you have my gratitude.