Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A fresh, new bunch of comics. Get them.

Accidentally page 8 by ~Az-Pekt

Uhh, in case you wanted to follow this series. And because Discord looks awesome with those glasses.
Continue with the Chaos Academy, Discord and his mother Lauren Faust.
Oozing with Pride by ~Senselesssquirrel

This somehow reminds me of the Old Spice advertisements.
'Cuz It's What My Butt Tattoo Is Telling Me by ~TexasUberAlles

*cough* Shipfic.
Nightmares Remember - 1 by *CrownePrince

Something sad, finally. Feels like it's been a long time since I last had one of those.
Anyway, start of a series around Luna and Celestia a long time ago.
... Luna never asked for this. I'm sorry.
No, seriously, why are we still watching TV? by ~BestSeller-Microtech

Continuation of this.
It's... complicated to explain. I guess you should just read it... It resonates with Lauren's statements about fumes in Equestria. And it has explosions!