Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Nightly Megathread #163

Tonight's art majority,                                                                             Speak the gimmick for a prize,
that's to say the paper-esk artwork,                                                               so a trial new I now declare,
has been derived from My Paper Pony (mmp64)                                 |head below the break to try your wit|
Pinkamena's Sanity Insane ponies gallop away live your life one more day

Prey is by *Yooyfull,
 Late Madness ~Yumi-and-ZB,
and the third is on YouTube

Slideshows of paper, pan through fade in and fade out, show their masters the masterpieces

Challenge the commenters. Match this new literary style. An example below should get you in the game

Where Once Was a City

It is winter this spring
It's been winter forty-two years
Its been winter all my life

They say the sky was blue
They tell me that the grass was soft
They say here was a city they once knew

This land had a name once
They tell me that it meant freedom
But this grey grass and hostile expance only speak dungons to me

Syllables have number,
first six then eight then free amount.
With those rules in place, challenge each other as to who is greater.