Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So much music

We didn't have a music post yesterday? What a shameful mishap...
Also, one question to those of you who care.
      How do you feel about all the instrumental music that gets featured despite not being pony related other than maybe having been created with something pony in mind?
I mean... should we promote pony music or brony music?

Aftermath Giggle at the Ghostly (Aftermath Remix) House
Ch0pis Fluttershy (Converted remixes) Drum'n'Bass
Delta Brony Hidden Changeling Dubstep
F3nning Morning In Ponyville (Just Fine Remix) Dubstep
Freewave The Professor (Explains the Science Behind Alicorns) Jazz Hop
Jackle App & Mic The Microphone One Trick Pony (Remix by Yoka the Changeling) Vocal Rock
NomNom Mystify Ambient Orchestral
Phony Brony To New Heights House
Radiarc Graceful Flame Orchestral
Sim Gretina Do You Even Brush? (Sim Gretina 'Toothstep') Moombah
TheDashDub Bedtime Stories Instrumental Piano
Yourenigma I Know I'll Make it Through Dubstep