Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tumblr Spotlight: A Pony a Day/ Ask Cyberpunk Spitfire

Hello everybody! Pleasant news: I'm not dead! To celebrate, I have a couple of Tumblrs to showcase. See them after the break.

Thanks to Ricardo for sending these in!

 Please, ask me anything, or send me fanmail if you wish.
- S

Rated PG13

Twilight Sparkle has been conducting "experiments" on the inhabitants of Equestria, replacing various body parts with mechanical replacements. It is from Spitfire's point of view, who writes to this "R" character.

Cinema Scope. Male. Pegasus.

Perky, but very OCDish at times. He frequently spends hours making sure every detail is correct. However, despite this, he also has a rather strange sense of humor, being able to find a joke in almost anything. But he also knows when to be serious.

- bronyman1995


BAM! Dynamic pose. You wanted it, you got it! Also trying a new way to color in eyes. Hopefully, it looks a lot… cleaner.

- Syn

Do you have an OC or ponysona in mind but lack the artistic talent to draw it out? (I know I do) Well look no further! Follow the guidelines, and the artists will draw your OC for you and showcase it! Requests are CLOSED until queue reaches 15! Queue: 22